Montreal Tik Tok Propaganda

Marie Allard, writing for La Presse, serves up a long piece of Tik Tok propaganda, to promote the Chinese-owned mobile app as the next best social media platform.

Marie Allard profiles so-called “professionals”, like lawyers, and substitute teachers, and nutritionists (ho hum), using the platform to “connect” with teens.

There is no mention of the harrowing effects of social media addiction, or privacy concerns. Instead, empty slogans like “Get in now!”, or “It’s important to get involved”, flaunt the social media app as the new defacto form of communication. Even the World Health Organization (known to be the mouthpiece of the CPP), is mentioned in an effort to lend authority to the platform.

The so-called lawyer (who uses a pseudonym and has no industry credentials) disseminates apparently “useful information” on when kids should get a tattoo, or be allowed to drive a scooter. The nutritionist, again no credentials, shows her audience how to make homemade Nutella! And the drama teacher is of course the most suited to social media engagement, as she unsurprisingly spends her time mimicking TikTok dances and creating “comedic sketches”.

What is happening? We can no longer rely on journalism to ground us and help us assess our human direction. Instead, so-called journalists are doing the bidding of the Technocracy, indoctrinating masses into app downloads and unhinged narcisissm.

Online radio host, hip-hop artist, old-school blogger, from Central America, based in Montreal, Canada.